December 2013 Goals

December GoalsI’m keeping it pretty light and simple this month, with celebrating with family being my major goal. We’ll be meeting my parents and my little brother for a whirlwind Christmas weekend in St. Louis before heading up to the farm for Christmas and New Years. I am so excited about both of them! I really hope that at some point there will be some snow, but if not, I won’t hold that against myself. Ha! I would really like to get a bit of Project Life done before we leave, but I’m flexible about how much. If I’m feeling really ambitious, I’ll order photos for the next couple of months. That would be awesome.

How about you? Are you working on lots of projects in December? Or mostly hanging out by the fireplace with a hot chocolate? (Mmmm!) I think I’m clearly in the latter camp, as I’m still catching up from the long weekend, but I guess that’s what long weekends are for. November goals are updated here, and I’ll be back in January to report on all my adventures. (Just for fun, here are last year’s goals. Ha! Still haven’t made that recipe index!)

Update, March 2014: Now I am back to update my secret pregnant lady goals! I honestly can’t remember if I did any Project Life or not. December was really a blur, the worst of the pregnancy sickness. So that made it nice to have some distraction. We had so much fun with my family in St. Louis, and then we had a very relaxing time at the farm. It was bitterly cold the whole time we were there, but we didn’t get any snow! Well, not until the night before we left. We had a bit of a harrowing drive to the airport, but no snowball fights. I know people all over the country have had more snow than they can handle, though, so I guess it all pans out in the end. In any case, I think I’ll always feel a little sad remembering this time in my life. I was so sick every day, and that takes an emotional toll as well as a physical one. But what I see here is me trying my best, me clinging to things to look forward to, me searching for the positive things to bring me through. Me having grace with myself, me understanding the limitations of my body, me taking it easy on myself. And that is something I am proud of.

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