A Little San Francisco Map

San Francisco PuzzleI don’t know whose idea it was, in 1979, to make cute little square-shaped puzzles of the Bay area, but I love them for it. I found this gem at the Depot for a song. I think it was fifty cents. But I have gotten far more than fifty cents’ worth of pleasure out of it!

San Francisco PuzzleI put it together last week, locking the freeways and bridges into each other one by one.

San Francisco PuzzleTa da!

San Francisco PuzzleI trimmed a piece of cardboard and glued the puzzle on to create a bit of a mount and mat. Thankfully, the pieces held together really well. I’m planning to hang it in our living room from this little black ribbon.

San Francisco PuzzleI love these little inlays. And that old school font.

San Francisco PuzzleIs there anything better than a vintage map? In puzzle form?! I don’t think so.

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