The City Different

Santa FeSanta Fe is called The City Different, which I love. The grammar nerd in me is excited about the non-standard syntax, of course, but it really is different, in so many awesome ways. I spent today strolling in a broad loop around town, stopping by the railyard and the state capitol and a handful of incredible old churches and a dozen other places along the way. I think I’ll always remember the highlights of the beautiful places I saw, but in looking back through my pictures, I’m so happy I have a good handful that capture the feel of the city.  If you look closely, you can see this little crossing man’s fancy hairdo.

Santa FeA dry streambed, full of desert beauties.

Santa FeOur Lady of Gaudalupe, watching over the city.

Santa FeThis is a bus stop shelter, and it is officially the prettiest one I have ever seen.

Santa FeThe railyard, still home of regular service, also now housing a ton of art galleries.

Santa FeBeautiful fall leaves.

Santa FeAdobe, adobe, adobe. You have my heart. Do you see those little squares on the roof? They’re called farolitos. They’re little bags with candles inside. They are so very pretty at night.

Santa FeGood thing, ’cause I am not yo mama’s yard sale shopper.

Santa FeThese little paintings are all over town and are part of a community mural project.

Santa FeInside the New Mexico State Capitol, a really inspiring space, which also happens to be full of incredible art.

Santa FeI saved my favorite for last. These are called milagros; they are tiny (tiny!) charms that were left in churches and missions with prayers for a specific intention. Body parts usually had to do with a request for healing or fertility, while hearts often suggested spiritual requests. These milagros, no bigger than my thumb nail, were tacked onto the beams supporting a bell that was cast in the 14th century, in a church that was built in 1610, atop ruins that date to the early 1300s. WOW. I am so moved by this. I walked away into the cold sunshine of the afternoon, holding onto the prayers of all those who came before me, mixing them together with my own.

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