November: Currently

ABQListening to the rain plinking against the drain pipe and loving it.

Feeling happy to be home and so excited for my dad’s visit this weekend.

Eating a lot of soups and salads and New Mexican anise shortbread cookies.

Working on a bit of freelance editing.

Lighting my pumpkin or peppermint candle most days.

Starting John Dos Passos’ USA Trilogy for my book club.

Getting ready to dive into a few holiday crafts…Thanksgiving is late this year, so it’s not too early for me!

Watching the final season of The Killing on Netflix during lunches and in between computer tasks. Bummed that it got cancelled because I love seeing Seattle, and Holder totally reminds me of my little brother.

Running lots of errands and getting back into the swing of things.

Gazing upon my mountainous stack of library books with glee.

Getting more excited for Christmas with our families every day.

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