November 2013 Goals

November GoalsIt kind of looks like I’m making a lot of goals for this month. But most of them are super fun ones!

We have several trips planned this month, which I’m really excited about. We’ll have a few days in Santa Barbara next week, and I am really pumped to go to Art from Scrap. I think I might also go to the zoo? Because I am 12. And animal-obsessed. And I might do some sketching of rhinos and such.

We will be spending a bit more time in Santa Fe, which I am REALLY EXCITED about! We spent some time in Albuquerque when we were dating, and we absolutely loved it. I have never been to Santa Fe, so it will be a giant candy store for this kid. Also, we will have a bit of time in Albuquerque, and you better believe I am going to hit the Breaking Bad high points. Blue rock candy, anyone?

My Dad is also coming before Thanksgiving! Woot! He came last year too, so I hope this will become an annual tradition.

Our fall doesn’t really start until sometime in November, and I always look forward to that. We’ve been in such upheaval for the past few weeks that I’ve been totally out of the fall cooking and baking loop, and I want to rectify that situation. Give me your root vegetables, your sage and rosemary! Give me your maple and pumpkin and pecan! It’s gonna be pretty tasty around here.

I usually do at least a few crafty things for the holidays, and I don’t want this year to be the exception. There have been so few holiday seasons in my life that have not been mired in final exams and papers and dissertation deadlines. I feel like I’m making up for lost time, in the most fun way. Usually we buy a Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, so I hope we will do that this year too. And I have some pretty wooden ornaments that I bought for ten cents in March that I’m excited to paint. I also want to make a little felt circle garland for our doorway. And maybe this year will be the year when I convince Eric to put a gigantic glittery red bow on our front door!

I also want to burn more candles, which seems kind of strange, since I have not traditionally been a big candle person. But there’s an Anthropologie around the corner from our house, and every time I go there I am so inspired by the idea that they’re not really selling clothes–they’re selling a life. And so as I was drifting through some Thursday afternoon or other, I started asking what I could do to make my life feel more like the one they’re selling (which is highly appealing, in case you’ve never been there). I can’t turn our carpet into hardwood floors or blast holes into the walls for bigger windows, but I can burn candles. It’s the cheapest way to make my life seem…expensive. Or at least thoughtfully curated. I have been burning a few this past week, and I really, really like it. I light one when I write in my journal or sit on the couch to read a book. Sometimes I light one for working. It’s just a tiny choice that adds a lot of extra light (and fragrance!) into my life. I’m a convert. Candles for the win!

I’ll be continuing my Bloom True painting e-course, which is, truly, one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. If you have always wanted to paint, or are already a painter, or just want to do something new and creative, I seriously cannot recommend it highly enough. A million thanks to Hillary for telling me about it and doing it with me!

Also, sigh, one of the side effects of these crazy past few weeks has been the destruction of any type of routine and good sleeping habits. I can’t change the circumstances, but I do so hope I can get to bed even just a little bit earlier and start creating the kind of rhythm that helps me thrive again. Oh, I’ve missed it.

And, of course, there will be lots of pictures! I will be back in December with an update (October is updated here). And, just for fun, here are my November goals from last year!

Update, December 2013:ย Candles were burned! The tree was put up and ornaments were made! We definitely had a blast in SB and in Santa Fe, and my dad’s visit was awesome. I did do a bit of holiday cooking and baking, but not a ton, since we were traveling a fair bit. And that travel sort of sent the whole routine thing out the window, but that’s okay. I did do some painting with Bloom True, but I have put it on hold the past few weeks due to travel and an illness here and there. We have six-month access to the course, so there is still plenty of time. And, of course, tons of pictures were taken. A pretty solid month!

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