Albuquerque: Then and Now

ABQ Way back in the day, when Eric and I had been dating for nine months or so, he had to go on an extended research trip to a tiny town in New Mexico. I sent him off with a box full of colorful envelopes, each one stuffed with a card. I wrote about my favorite memories of our relationship, things we looked forward to in the future, and all the little things I love about him so much. There was one for every day he was away. About halfway through his trip, the stars aligned, and I was able to visit him in Albuquerque on a warm May weekend. We had such a great time and just fell in love with the city. This weekend we revisited  a lot of those places we enjoyed so much, and found a few new ones too. It’s amazing all that’s happened between May 2009 and November 2013. We got engaged, we finished our PhDs, we got married, we moved to LA, we put together our first home. I love looking at the old pictures with the new. So here’s a little time warp post! This picture from 2009 is one of our favorites–it is still framed in our house. We took it in front of a funky shop in Nob Hill, and we laughed because it seemed more Berkeley than Albuquerque.

ABQAnd here we are today.

ABQ Flying Star was one of our favorite local joints, and I distinctly remember being very excited about these pancakes that were as big as my head. This is 2009.

ABQOf course, I ordered a gigantic pancake again today.

ABQ The Grove was our other standby; Eric was so excited about eating a salad! This is 2009.

ABQAnd this is 2013.

ABQ Me at The Grove in 2009…

ABQAnd me today.

ABQ Trying on silly hats in 2009.

ABQAnd trying on silly hats today.

ABQEric took this glamour shot of me in 2009.

ABQAnd he took this one today. I am so grateful for all that we’ve shared together, and for all that’s still to come.

(Also! Thank you all so much for your wonderful and warm comments this past week! It has been so nice to have you along for our trip. I am writing from the ABQ Airport, so I look forward to getting all caught up with you this week!)

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