Snapshots from Athens

AthensI was so happy to find while looking through my Athens pictures that I took so many everyday shots. Don’t get me wrong, there are zillions of Acropolis and museum pictures too (and I *love* them!), but these are special ones that remind me of what it felt like to be traipsing around a city both thoroughly modern and older than my mind can imagine. We took this shot on our first day in town, as we wandered down the main pedestrian thoroughfare. Owls are adorable and rightly beloved, but especially so in Greece. An owl, symbol of wisdom, sat on the shoulder of Athena, and thus, they are seen everywhere you turn in Athens; it’s her city, after all.

AthensKoulouria are the cousins of Turkish simits, and I ate many of them. Delicious!

AthensThis is the flea market outside of the Agora. Bustling and beautiful.

AthensA little sidewalk coffee spot near Monastiraki.

AthensOctopi at the Central Market.

AthensAnd gorgeous olives!

AthensThe sweetest little meze spot where he had dinner one night, quietly tucked away under the trees on a quiet street.

AthensThe biggest, most fragrant jasmine flowers I have ever seen.

AthensFig tart at the Acropolis Museum.

AthensTurtles in the ruins of Hadrian’s library. Oh, Athens. I miss you.

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