Project Life: Monterey and Berkeley

Project LifeI have been planning this post all week, but it just now occurred to me how fitting it is…because I am off to Oakland today! It’ll just be a quick weekend trip, but I’m excited to share it with my three favorite ladies. They haven’t been, and I am hoping to show them around exactly the same places that are in these pictures.

Project LifeThis spread is the last one for our trip to Monterey, where Eric was at a conference.

Project LifeI have to confess: I just got a bunch of new scrapbook stuff for ridiculously rock bottom prices at Big Lots, and I have been so excited to use it. If you are at all into scrapbooking, or are just looking for a cheap way to see if you might like it, get thee to Big Lots! You shall not be disappointed.

Project LifeThese little metallic dots are new. Love them. And love this shot of Eric.

Project LifeOne of our favorite dinners was at La Bicyclette in Carmel, on Katy’s recommendation. It was so wonderfully French and delicious, all Duralex glasses and tiny candles. And an enormous chocolate mousse that we ate the entirety of.

Project LifeHere’s Eric outside. It’s never hard to convince him to eat at a bike-themed restaurant!

Project LifeAnd then…Oakland! This little trip was the happiest impromptu surprise.

Project LifeWe had lunch at Bakesale Betty as soon as we got in. Fitting, since that was our last meal two years ago before we sailed onto the freeway and straight on down to Pasadena. We both lived within walking distance, and we used to love coming here for sandwiches or scones.

Project LifeWe also stopped by Eric’s old apartment, which always makes me cry. So many happy memories in those walls, including the night that he proposed to me. Also, do you see that little I-5 button? I pretty much think it’s the coolest thing ever.

Project LifeNo trip to Oakland would be complete without the Depot! Art supplies galore, yard sale prices.

Project LifeWe had dinner at Dona Tomas with Alan and Joy, dear friends. We crammed so much fun into one weekend. Hoping to do the same this time!

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