October 2013 Goals

October GoalsIt has been a weird week or so, and for good reason. Jet lag always wipes me out for at least a few days, and then I get so excited for the first time I sleep through the night after getting back that you’d think I had a newborn. Ha! But this time it was rougher than usual because of my cold, my hives (!!), and the attending medicines, which had equal and opposite effects (Benadryl and steroids at the same time, wheee!). I am slowly but surely getting better, but it has been a strange type of limbo. I am trying to take it easy on myself when I feel like I should be doing more, but it makes me feel sad to see all my projects languishing because I don’t have the physical or mental focus to get to them. I feel like I’m learning yet again that creativity doesn’t work on demand, but that it does most heartily reward you for your patience. And so in the meantime, I’m doing my best to get my work space ready for work and to trust that the right time will come.

Because I am still in a re-entry period of sorts, I am making this month’s goals pretty light and free-form. Getting over this cold will be a great victory, and, of course, it won’t be too long until it’s behind me. Eric is so gentle and compassionate with me, reminding me to be patient with myself and trust that a brighter day is coming very soon. I do have a few big plans for this month, about which I am super excited! Today my painting e-course started, and I have so been looking forward to it! And a bit later this month Hillary and I are going to take a quick road trip up to Oakland with the girls. It is going to be so much fun to show them around! I feel like I am not in a fall frame of mind yet at all, since it was so hot in Greece, and I still have to close the windows and turn on the air conditioner during the hottest part of the day. But I am looking forward to cooler days and bright leaves and pumpkins, whenever they should feel appropriate. And, of course, I’ll be taking tons of pictures.

The photo above is of the underground tunnel leading to the Panathenaic Olympic Stadium in Athens. This is the way the athletes enter, and where young maidens gathered in ancient days to perform rites seeking their husbands. It was pretty incredible. I chose the font, Herculanum, because it seemed appropriate. I hope you all have a wonderful month! What plans and goals do you have? (My September goals are updated here).

Update, November 2013: Success on all fronts! I got over the accursed cold, and we had an awesome time in Oakland! I started my painting class, and it has been really earth-shatteringly wonderful. There have been pumpkins (and cute gourds sent by Eric’s parents!), and, hahaha, little did I know when I set the goal of being payient with myself while getting back into a routine what crazy things were in store for us. Having the house turned upside down this month has definitely built great stores of patience in us, and, thankfully, there has been a lot of laughter. And all of it has been captured on camera! This feels like the shortest goal recap ever, but I guess that’s what I get for making the goals simple and straightforward. Onward and upward!

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