Fall from the Farm

Fall from the FarmEvery year we get the sweetest package from Eric’s parents. This tradition started long before I ever met Eric, but I am so happy that now I get to be part of it. Every fall when Eric’s parents start harvesting at the farm, they send an ear of corn to the boys. Over time this has grown into the happiest fall package you could ever hope to receive, chock full of goodies. This year’s was the brightest spot in the busiest week. Eric’s mom knows how much I love little gourds, so she always sends me some. This tiny glass pumpkin is so adorable, and I love it. The yellow part inside the clear glass has the warmest kaleidoscope of yellows and oranges, and I keep spinning it around to get a closer look.

Fall from the FarmThe corn this year still had the husks on and is so pretty! We have it displayed on the table, and we’ve been wondering that it was a necklace I made with corn from the farm that led me to one of the greatest friendships of my life. I love that tangible reminder of a beautiful thing.

Fall from the FarmWe also got soybeans this year! They are so adorably fuzzy. I popped one open to find the most perfectly round pale pellets. I think I will have these in a vase for a long time to come. I have only ever seen the beans early in the season, so it’s a treat to hold the ones that are ready for harvest.

Fall from the FarmOne of the sweetest things about these packages is the leaves. I love fall so much, but we don’t exactly get one here in LA, so Eric’s parents always send us pretty leaves and acorns. I smile every time I think of them picking out pretty ones for us. I’ve never been to the farm in the fall, but I am so looking forward to being able to do that one day.

Fall from the FarmA special addition this year was a collection of gorgeous rocks Eric’s mom gathered on one of her trips this year. Purple is my favorite color, so I especially love these! The historical note and the chance to see some of my favorite handwriting was an added bonus.

Fall from the FarmIsn’t this amazing? I am always so excited to open this box with Eric each year, and I always feel so loved when we do. Anything that makes the distance feel less is a good thing. And so is chocolate. Which we ate long before I took these pictures. Big thanks to Eric’s parents for sending fall (and chocolate!) our way!

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