Currently: October

CurrentlyI keep doing this thing. That thing is this: I make a detailed blog calendar and then I go out of town a lot and forget what I had scheduled. This is not a complaint. It is more a moment of humor. I like to do a “currently” post on the 15th or so to check in on how the month is going. The 18th is close enough, right?

Reading Marisha Pessl’s Night Film, which is really rather riveting. I like the meta-textual touches. It would be hard to top her first novel, and I don’t think this one does, but it is a pleasure nonetheless. I also just got Amanda Lindhout’s A House in the Sky from the library, and I am excited to dive into it. I love placing requests for new books at the library. Inevitably, I am number 30 or so on the list, and I forget all about it. Then one day the book miraculously makes its way down the line to me, and it’s like Christmas.

Listening to all kinds of things: Led Zeppelin and Tori Amos, Massive Attack and Ratatat, The Cure and Liszt. Never a dull moment.

Painting my heart out in Flora Bowley’s Bloom True e-course. Having the time of my life. Feeling so creatively energized and just ecstatic about all the freedom I’m finding and the ideas that are alighting on my shoulders every day.

Sketching a bit and daydreaming about printing out a good handful of pictures to sketch from: succulents and cacti, mountains in the fog, ripples in the ocean waves. Slowly chipping away at the idea that I can’t draw.

Eating persimmons and apples and a good bit of squash. Still working on that pumpkin chocolate chip cake. Going through plain Greek yogurt like it’s my job.

Watching an episode of Downton Abbey here and there, but not much else. This painting class has directed my energy in different directions, and that feels like a good thing for now. It’s well timed, since I’m still mourning the end of Breaking Bad, the greatest show ever known to man.

Looking forward to things getting back to normal in our home. There’s some work being done in our building and some upkeep in our apartment. It’s thrown things out of whack a bit, and I honestly can’t wait for it to be over. Patience, grasshopper.

Feeling really connected to my word for this year, and really excited to share my latest work on that project (next week!)

Exulting over all my awesome Depot finds! An unopened box of watercolors in tubes! A beautiful set of colored pencils! Metallic spray inks! A very good time is being had over here, let me tell you.

Excited for a big birthday party this weekend: my two favorite four-year-olds are turning five! I can’t wait for all the festivities.

Feeling so grateful for Eric and for the life we have built together. For dear friends and beloved family. For evenings that feel like wide plains of joy to be explored. For candles burning and fingers covered in paint. It’s a prayer, this life, and I say amen.

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