Autumn Embroidered Bookmark

Autumn Embroidered BookmarkI have been working on a secret thing for a few months. I love secret things, but I love it even better when they’re not secret any more. When I first started cross-stitching in January, I saw a blank bookmark template at the craft store, and I picked it up with Eric’s mom in mind. She loves to read, and she loves a good bookmark. For a while I tossed around different ideas of what to embroider, but then it hit me: fall leaves and pumpkins! Eric’s mom loves fall as much as I do, so I thought it would be the perfect thing.

Autumn Embroidered BookmarkI used graph paper to roughly sketch out the designs, and then I got to stitching!

Autumn Embroidered BookmarkThe graph paper was thin enough that I was able to reuse some of the outlines–an added bonus!

Autumn Embroidered BookmarkThere was certainly some trial and error. I call this first pumpkin “lumpkin” because of its weird appendage on the right side. Ah well, not every pumpkin is symmetrical.

Autumn Embroidered BookmarkThe next one sort of ended up looking like a menorah. A pretty one, to be sure.

Autumn Embroidered BookmarkAnd the last one is kind of boxy. It takes all kinds. I free-handed the vines at the top, and those were some of my favorite shapes. I should also add that Eric consulted on color selection, as any good collaborator would.

Autumn Embroidered BookmarkThe leaves were easier to make uniform. I just changed their orientation each time.

Autumn Embroidered BookmarkI think the yellow one is my fave.

Autumn Embroidered BookmarkI doubled up on the thread count for the leaf veins on this one, since it was hard to see against the dark maroon of the leaf color.

Autumn Embroidered BookmarkI designed a little curlicue for the bottom and left my mark: “XO -C.” The bottom and top edges of the bookmark were roughly stitched, so I knew I wanted to cover them up. I used green and purple to add a bit of complementary color. I tied some tassels on the top, and I was done!

Autumn Embroidered BookmarkThis was such a fun gift to make and give! I hope Eric’s mom will have many afternoons reading with this bookmark in hand.

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