A Few Recent Cards

Card MakingI have been making cards for a good chunk of years now. I started with whatever I had around: mostly paint and pastels, a bit of vellum paper, and an awful lot of hot pink envelopes. It has been so much to make them with some of my scrapbooking supplies, and my paper cutter makes it easier to cut in straight lines, which has never been my forte. I have a good little collection of them from the past few months, all of which have now been received, so I can show off my handiwork. Straight lines not guaranteed! This one was for Eric’s mom. Sequins are always a good idea, methinks.

Card MakingThis one was to thank my Besfrinn for the awesome birthday present she sent me. I used the image from a blank card for this one and then added some stamping and outlining. I wish I’d taken a picture of the back, because I think I wrote something like “This card was made for you with love by a bulldog in a blue beret.”

Card MakingI made this card for my hermano. I think my little circle punch has been one of my best purchases. Instant confetti! And yes, my brother’s nickname is Dot. Long story. Great nickname.

Card MakingAnd then I could write this on the back.

Card MakingFor his birthday I sent him a check and a list of weird museums to check out. Fun!

Card MakingThe best part was making these little tickets–one for him, one for my sister-in-law. I used the circle punch on these too. I like that they’re imperfect but suggestive of the real thing. I am stockpiling this idea for the future! Our power is going to be out all day Wednesday for maintenance, so I will bouncing around in the world, alighting in places that have wifi and coffee, and I’ll be missing my supplies and my studio. So this is a pre-emptive attempt to cheer myself up. Whatever works!

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