September 2013 Goals

September GoalsHappy September! I am keeping it short and sweet this month because Eric and I will be in Greece for about a week and a half this month (more like two weeks if you count the travel days), and I know from past experience that several days after we get back will be eaten up by the eight-headed monster known as Jet Lag. So I don’t want to set any outlandish goals–mostly, I just want to enjoy all the things we have planned this month.

I still have a lot of prep to do for our trip–I like to have a good sense of the places we travel, and I would like to at least master the most important of Greek words and phrases (thank you, where is the ___, and can I please have some more of that insanely delicious wine/cheese/pastry?) I am so excited about our trip, and I can’t wait! I should note that while I love the font I used on the photo, it does not have punctuation marks, and so I would like to add some !!!! here for that goal of having a blast in Santorini and Athens.

I’m turning 31 this month, and I plan to celebrate in the happiest way: by thanking my lucky stars for all the people who love me and for all that I’ve seen and experienced in my life.

I’m keeping the project expectations low this month, since I know I’ll be pressed for time between our travel and some writing work I am planning to finish before we go. So I just want to make a little time to peruse some of the painting books I checked out from the library. My friend and I are taking Flora Bowley’s painting class, which starts at the end of this month, and I’m excited to read a bit about techniques in preparation. I’m also taking part in the 30 Days of Lists project. It’s so simple: you just make lists from the given topics for the month of September. Fun!

And, por supuesto, there will be lots and lots of pictures! I will be back in October with an update (August update can be found at the bottom of this post). Please feel free to leave a link to your September goals too!

Update, October 2013: What a fun month this was! We had an absolutely spectacular time in Greece, and it felt like a special birthday gift to get to go. I did (huzzah!) finish all the things that needed doing before we left, and I came home with 900 or so pictures, so: success! I just finished 30 Days of Lists today, and it was a really fun project. I loved meeting so many other listers and getting a glimpse into their lives and creativity. I totally did not get to my painting books at all, but now there should be abundant time. I’m looking forward to a cozy month at home.

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