Project Life: Week 42 and Fresno

Project LifeAt a certain point this year, we reached road trip zone, and that’s what my Project Life pages are going to be representing for, oh, the next 12 spreads or so. I am having so much fun with it because I had some little things saved here and there, and now I finally get to use them! It is a wondrous thing when your life circumstances overlap with the thematics of a ton of awesome free scrapbook supplies that your friend Michele gave you. Wondrous indeed!

Project LifeSo, without further ado, our peregrinations! We drove up to Fresno for the wedding of our dear sweet friends, and we got to see a ton of other dear sweet friends at the same time.

Project LifeIf you’re ever in Fresno, make sure you go to The Train Depot for breakfast. You can have pancakes galore, and biscuits and gravy too, all enjoyed while model trains whir over your head. Awesome.

Project LifeI took this picture before we left. I love it when Eric strikes a pose.

Project LifeSomeone took this shot of us after the wedding, and I’m grateful to have it. Weddings are so universally lovely, a little reminder to us of our promises to each other, and of the joy we felt on our wedding day. Two years later, we’re still having the time of our lives.

Project LifeWe all caught the golden hour outside at the reception. I love this picture of everyone.

Project LifeI didn’t even mind kneeling out in front.

Project LifeThe best part was that we were all invited to the bride’s grandfather’s art studio for brunch the next morning. The things he does with found objects are just insanely inspiring. Also, we were partial to this gigantic rabbit.

Project LifeI love all these awesome people. And miss them!

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