Hello from Santorini!

SantoriniHello from Santorini! Our internet is pretty spotty here, but I just wanted to pop by and say hi and share a few pictures and impressions.

SantoriniEric asked me at breakfast this morning what I had found most surprising about our time here, and I had to think for a minute. What I ultimately ended up saying was that I have been surprised by everything, in the most unexpected way. I had seen plenty of pictures, and I knew what it was going to be like here, but I somehow still didn’t know it was going to be like this. I didn’t know what it was going to feel like to be here. And let me tell you, it feels paradisiacal.

SantoriniFor starters, the place where we’re staying is ridiculous. I drooled over the pictures on their website for months before our departure, but it’s still enough to knock my socks off. This is our view on the second story loft. From our bed. Incredible. There is so much light, and so much space, and we’ve been up every morning in time to run up to the terrace and catch the completely bewildering sunrise. It’s just staggeringly beautiful.

SantoriniI’ve been amazed by the softly curving currents of the sea, and the islands that rise out of it, like green clouds in a cerulean sky.

SantoriniI’ve been amazed by the colors here–the creamiest of whites and eggshells, the deepest royal and aquamarine and sky blues, the softest magentas of the bougainvillea that adorns almost every doorway. I have been taking so many pictures of doorways.

SantoriniI’ve been amazed by the food, which is so different here. The feta is so creamy and so lightly salty. The gigantic Santorini capers explode with the saltiness of the sea in your mouth. The yogurt is so refreshingly tart, and thick as mousse. The fresh oregano is the most fun herbal kick in the mouth I’ve ever experienced. Every meal is a treat.

SantoriniI’ve been amazed that there is not a bad view on this entire island. Everywhere I go, there is another million-dollar scene painted before my eyes.

SantoriniBasically, I’m enamored. And so excited that we have a few more days to explore here!

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