Weekend Happenings

Weekend HappeningsYou know it was a good weekend when you’re having trouble choosing which pictures to share. A little voice inside you screams, “Share them all!” but the more rational voice of the angel on your shoulder reminds you that there are only so many hours in the day, and that your readers surely also have other things to accomplish. Also, it might be midnight already, and you might need to go to bed soon. Ahem. My blog friend Kendra once described herself as being chatty in one of her posts, and I loved it. So here I am, being chatty. On to the recap! Friday night was low-key and was rung in with tacos and Aviations. I had been really grumpy about something I can’t even remember anymore (typical!), but then I got an email that a book I had requested from the library had come in, and, hallelujah, the weekend was ON.

Weekend HappeningsOn Saturday I made plans with my glorious friend Hillary: art store shopping! Blick is having a huge back to school sale, if you are so inclined, so we stocked up on some stuff we need for our painting class this fall, and we got some other goodies too. It was great, great fun, and I’m still pinching myself that I have such an amazing friend.

Weekend HappeningsShe brought over her sticker printer, and lots of fun was had with that too.

Weekend HappeningsEric and I usually have about one thing scheduled per weekend, and I knew were going out to see friends on Sunday, but late Saturday afternoon I decided that we should go on a DATE. I found out that Star Trek was playing at the cheap movie theatre ($3!), so I got us tickets and we ran over to The Luggage Room for dinner. I love wood-fired pizza. Mmm.

Weekend HappeningsOn the way in I was so hungry, and I told Eric that I wanted a pizza with MEAT! He put his hand on my forehead and asked me if I was feeling alright. Oh yes, I was. We shared this pepper and sausage pizza and then went wild on dessert: chocolate pave cake and strawberry gelato. So much deliciousness.

Weekend HappeningsAnd then: movie time! It was a fun show.

Weekend HappeningsOn Sunday afternoon we headed over to Golden Road Brewery to meet a few friends for a birthday hang-out. It was such a cool place, and I was totally thinking about my dad the whole time. He would love it.

Weekend HappeningsThis is for you, Dad!

Weekend HappeningsThe brewery has three buildings, each in a lovely primary color. I naturally thought they were photo-worthy. To say nothing of this handsome model.

Weekend HappeningsWe headed home around 4 and went over to the pool, where we got a quick workout in. There are no pictures of this, but it was an awful lot of fun. I swam competitively for years (most of my childhood through early high school), and it always feels good to be in the water. And so I reach my triumphant conclusion: it was a great weekend! How was yours?

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