Pike Place Market

Pike Place MarketAside from the Space Needle, Pike Place Market is probably the biggest cultural landmark in Seattle, and for good reason. I love browsing around markets, so I knew we couldn’t miss this one. My parents have been to Seattle before, so I hoped I wouldn’t bore them too much by dragging them back to the market, but it turns out that 1) it is impossible to ever see the whole thing, and 2) my parents like looking at pretty things as much as I do. They are the best. We probably stopped by the market three or four times just to take it all in. So much loveliness.

Pike Place MarketEven though I don’t eat much fish, it was amazing to see the gigantic salmon. The stand at the front of the market is famous for tossing the fish around, and I was hoping to see that, but we didn’t. However, see that flat fish at the front of the booth? I am probably ruining all their fun by telling you this, but it’s plastic, and they have it rigged to shoot pellets of ice at you when you come close to it. Ha!

Pike Place MarketThe range of fish was just incredible. I liked looking at them, even if I didn’t buy any.

Pike Place MarketThe produce was just as beautiful. Ah, chanterelles, my love. We went to a little French bistro on Whidbey Island on Sunday, and I had a quiche with chanterelles, fingerling potatoes, Swiss cheese, and spinach. I don’t even like eggs, and it was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten. So, mental note: acquire these things. Mix with eggs and cream. Put in crust. Eat whole thing. Such are my plans. And you lobster mushrooms don’t look half bad either.

Pike Place MarketChampagne grapes! So adorable.

Pike Place MarketAlso, rambutan!

Pike Place MarketAnd some clever instructions for eating lychees.

Pike Place MarketGiant fennel!

Pike Place MarketThe flowers were just stunning too. I couldn’t believe this gorgeous dahlia bouquet was only $5.

Pike Place MarketOh la la.

Pike Place MarketThere are several lavender farms in the area, and their beautiful purple blossoms filled me with glee. Purple is the best color, you know.

Pike Place MarketLocal honey!

Pike Place MarketThere are also plenty of prepared food stands. This is where I got a giant chocolate croissant. Shopping makes you hungry, you know.

Pike Place MarketThe market has a handful of buildings, and I loved the flowers draping down from the balconies.

Pike Place MarketIs this not idyllic?

Pike Place MarketIf I lived in Seattle, I’d happily go there every day. So much to see, so much to taste: it’s a little slice of heaven.

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