One Little Word: July

One Little Word--JulyI have to say that I think this month’s One Little Word prompt has been my favorite so far. I think it would be a fantastic thing to do every month. The idea is simple: you write your word on sticky notes (I chose to do 7, but you could do as many or as few as you like) and hang them somewhere you will see them. From there, you have plenty of choices for how to incorporate them into your life. You can grab one in the morning and keep it with you throughout the day as a reminder. You can grab one at the end of the day for some journaling. You can take pictures of your word out in the world, in places that are meaningful to you. What I love the most about this prompt is that it really encourages you to make your word part of your life not necessarily in a big way, but in tiny everyday ways. I felt like it was especially well suited to my word, and I loved pulling the sticky notes down and placing them in my page for this month.

One Little Word--JulyAs I felt myself being open throughout the month, I grabbed my sticky note and did some journaling about my experience on this 12 x 12 page, which will go into my Project Life album. I liked drawing the boxes around the journaling and seeing which spaces were left, wondering what might come along and fill them. As you can see, two of them are covered. Sorry about that–they are personal or just not ready to be shared. That’s how you know I’m keeping it real!

One Little Word--JulyThe things I wrote about ranged from giant to minuscule, and I love that.

One Little Word--JulySome things seemed tailor made for this exercise. I love that too.

One Little Word--JulySquirrels. They are special too.

One Little Word--JulyI probably would have forgotten about this if I hadn’t written it down. I’m so glad I did.

One Little Word--JulyAnd then one last little surprise at the end of the month. I had so much fun watching this little page take shape, and I definitely think I will do this again in the future. Do you have a word for the year? I would love to hear it!

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