Adirondack Phone Chair

Adirondack Phone ChairHello, internet friends! We are still living it up here in Seattle, and every evening we come back to crash at our rental condo a little more tired and a little more happy. Today we went to the Boeing Museum and Factory (wheeeee, gigantic planes being assembled before your very eyes!) and celebrated my birthday a little early at Delancey (more on that ridiculously delightful decadence soon). When we got home, my parents gave me some birthday surprises, and one of them was this gorgeous purple Adirondack phone chair. My dad made a blue one for himself a few months ago and shared his process on his blog. I fell in love with how adorable it was, and I was hoping he would make me one, you know, so my phone doesn’t keep falling off my desk when I’m facetiming them. And also because it was just so very cute. And, hurray, my dad made me one in my favorite color! In the photo above, the chairs are out by the pool and they look full size, but they are just the right size for a cell phone to rest in. Adorable! We took a lot of cute pictures of my phone in the chair tonight, and my dad emailed them to me, but somehow they did not arrive in my inbox, and now my dad has gone to bed. I guess that’s what I get for waiting until the witching hour to write my blog posts. In any case, I will update this post with those pictures in the morning, when I can access them. In the meantime, check out my dad’s post about making these chairs: part one and part two. I am so touched by his thoughtfulness and craftsmanship. I love that my dad loves to make things, and that his precise scientific skills find a home in his art–everything he makes is carefully measured and painted and proportioned. I am so inspired by his unique eye and steady hand. And now we are off…to the Space Needle and the Chihuly Gardens and the hipster neighborhoods full of coffee houses and brew pubs, and even to an island with lavender fields: a straight up embarrassment of riches. I hope you have an amazing weekend too!

Adirondack Phone ChairUpdate! The photos were somehow delivered very early this morning, so now you can see the phone chair in all its glory!

Adirondack Phone ChairI love it!

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