Project Life, Weeks 37 and 38

Project LifeSlowly but surely, I am inching my way toward week 52 and having a great time doing it.

Project LifeI hit the February/March border and added one of my cute new owl friends because I could not resist the cuteness. I love how he’s pointing to the picture.

Project LifeThis week captures a lot of everyday stuff that I would probably have otherwise forgotten, like finally acquiring my gym card and being surprised when it said “Dr.”

Project LifeAlso, a good handful of sequins and a Saturday afternoon walk.

Project LifeEric got so excited when they had his favorite apples at the store, and I found this completely adorable and photo-worthy.

Project LifeI spent a lot of happy afternoons with this book and a cup of tea, and I wanted to remember that. In other unrelated news, I love this pink paper. It’s a little out of the ordinary for me (jewel tones forever!), but it worked beautifully with my photos.

Project LifeThe main event this week was a trip to Pasadena’s Art Night. It seems like ages ago, and it kind of was, but I’m so glad I still had my sticker and map. Nothing makes me happier than a map.

Project LifeThis photo was taken at the Pasadena Museum of California Art. I love that they always have sculptures up in this open space.

Project LifeA gratuitous C shot with the map.

Project LifeAnd our gorgeous city hall, all lit up for the night. Have I mentioned that Pawnee City Hall is…Pasadena City Hall? My mind was blown when I realized this. I’m still hoping to get over there someday when they’re filming and see Leslie Knope with my own two eyes.

Project LifeThis post ends as every day should begin, with a cup of strong coffee. My brother and his wife gave us these mustache mugs, and we love them. And, on a slightly related note, Eric and I are discussing options for quicker photo printing to alleviate my always-behind-ness in all matters Project Life. If you scrapbook or make photo albums, what’s your MO? Do you print at home, in a store, or use a service online? I am gathering data, and I appreciate your input. Maybe I can even get Eric to plot said data for me, because who doesn’t love a good graph? Thanks for sharing your experience!

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