Painted Wooden Bead Necklace

Painted Wooden Bead NecklaceMy fantastic friend Hillary came over for craft night this week, and it was big awesome fun. We mostly worked on painting wooden beads, which I expected to come out free of brushstrokes, sparkling with bright and flawless color.

Painted Wooden Bead NecklaceWell, that’s not exactly how they came out, and we laughed a lot about they looked like they had been painted by three-year-olds. Except for the square bead in the center, which came from Hillary’s stash. That one looked awesome. I guess flat surfaces are key!

Painted Wooden Bead NecklaceAnyhow, I wasn’t really planning on making a necklace out of my beads. I considered them basically bead cannon fodder. Except maybe they were the cannon balls, actually. But as I started arranging them by color symmetrically, I started to really like the little weirdos.

Painted Wooden Bead NecklaceI love the color combination, which I don’t think I would ever have chosen intentionally. We just randomly experimented with whatever seemed interesting, and this is what we produced (except that Hillary’s are really amazingly patterned and multi-colored!)

Painted Wooden Bead NecklaceHere is the beautiful aftermath of craft night. I love that I’m still learning that things can grow on me with time. And I love that we had such a great time painting. If you’re having fun, then you’re doing it right. (And, pro tip: if you paint over foil instead of newspaper, you won’t end up with tons of paper stuck to your painted objects. Doubles as palette!) Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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