Istanbul Scrapbook: Intro and Day 1

Istanbul ScrapbookThere aren’t enough finallys in the world for this project! Finally I ordered the pictures (months ago!), and finally I am getting around to making the pages. I love this travel themed paper, and I just added a few things to it. Eric suggested that I tilt the pictures slightly to make them look like they fit into the layout. Good idea!

Istanbul ScrapbookI used some of my favorite stamps and letters to personalize it. Love those typewriter ones.

Istanbul ScrapbookI had so much fun stuff to put in that I made two pages for the first day. Finally a place to put ticket stubs and airline menus!

Istanbul ScrapbookThose little planes are maybe my favorite thing ever. Eric found these little paper punches for me at the Depot, and I’ve been hankering to use them. I love how they look here.

Istanbul ScrapbookThe cuteness just kills me. Also, bright colors!

Istanbul ScrapbookThis second page captures a few sights from our arrival. Our building had the most amazing view from the roof, and we went up there bright and early to see the sunrise (ah, jet lag!). I used a big border sticker on this page, and I like the way it looks against the orange.

Istanbul ScrapbookThis gorgeous paper came from my friend Hillary. Thank you, kind and kindred spirit!

Istanbul ScrapbookOur building was so gorgeous. And I was so very glad that someone carried my suitcase up all these stairs!

Istanbul ScrapbookOne of the things I love the most about international travel is the immediate sense of being in another world. Even before we left the airport, the gate agents’ announcements were in Turkish, as were the exit signs on the plane. It’s such an amazing reminder of how big a place the world really is. I loved recognizing a few words on this menu, and I loved the little introduction to Istanbul at 35,000 feet. More adventures to come!

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