Istanbul Scrapbook, Day 2

Istanbul ScrapbookWelcome to the severely jet-lagged portion of our trip, during which we still managed to do some exploring and discover some fun things.

Istanbul ScrapbookThere’s nothing like waking up to the sunrise, but waking up just before it and hearing the call to prayer is pretty special. Thankfully, we had bought some basic breakfast foods the night before, since I am sure no one would have sold us a simit at 5:30am.

Istanbul ScrapbookGalata was an amazing area to explore, even if we ended up wandering down a lot of streets under construction. How cars wind through the hills on those tiny narrow streets was and is a mystery to me!

Istanbul ScrapbookThe Koska underlay is actually from the bag we got at the baklava store, and I’m bummed that I couldn’t get it to lay perfectly flat. It resisted all glues! But I am still glad that I have it there because it reminds me of our first stroll down İstiklâl Caddesi.

Istanbul ScrapbookHere are a few of our favorite neighborhood finds, plus another shot of that irresistible sunrise.

Istanbul ScrapbookMy friend Hillary just gave me a huge bag of paper, and I have been using it very liberally. Love these colors.

Istanbul ScrapbookRooftop gardens, with the Golden Horn in the distance. Glorious.

Istanbul ScrapbookBeautiful metro sign, though this ivy doesn’t hold a candle to the Rapunzel vines we saw swinging through Cihangir.

Istanbul ScrapbookAnd one more of this crazy beautiful sunrise. Jet lag is sort of a special case, but despite knowing that I will be wrecked by the early afternoon, I love catching the first hours of the day. The day before you is so long and so wide, and you can watch everyone and everything wake up and stretch their limbs and go into motion. It’s the very best consolation prize jet lag can offer.

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