Griffith Observatory

Griffith ObservatoryBefore I dive into this post, I want to give a hearty round of applause to Eric, who masterminded and implemented this entire new blog design. The best part is not even that he did such a great job. The best part is how invested he is in my blog and in everything I do, how relentlessly encouraging he is. Also, I think it looks pretty fantastic. Thanks, genius husband! And on the topic of genius husbands…this weekend’s foray into LA was to an iconic scientific playground of the astronomical variety: Griffith Observatory. It’s an LA landmark, and not just for the gorgeous view. It was built in the early 30s as part of the WPA program, and they did not skimp on the gorgeous details.

Griffith ObservatoryHere’s a closer look. I love the stately Greek key design and the elegant window grates.

Griffith ObservatoryWe knew we wanted to see the building, but we didn’t have any other expectations. So we were blown away 1) by the fact that it was *free*, and 2) by the wide range of fabulous exhibits and the working solar telescope. If an astrophysicist gives it a thumbs up, you know it’s good. Here he is looking at the live color spectrum of the sun.

Griffith ObservatoryThis was the old planetarium projector. Pretty awesome.

Griffith ObservatoryYou can also climb up and view the telescopes. I couldn’t stop thinking about Rebel Without a Cause, huge chunks of which were filmed here.

Griffith ObservatoryAnd now it’s time to talk about the other reason why Griffith Observatory is so amazing: the view. It was absolutely stunning.

Griffith ObservatoryI love this picture, even though the sun is totally in my eyes.

Griffith ObservatoryThis is the view from the other side, also iconic. And the loooong line of parked cars all the way down the hill. It was a busy day for astronomy!

Griffith ObservatoryAfter we’d finished looking around, we spontaneously decided to head to our Los Feliz favorite, The Alcove, for dinner, since it wasn’t too far. My brother introduced us to this place, and it’s just about the loveliest outdoor dining you can imagine. We miraculously found a place to park, and then we stumbled upon this, which I loved. And he does. Oh, he does.

Griffith ObservatoryA little menu humor.

Griffith ObservatoryI had soup and salad, but I talked Eric into getting fries with his sandwich. The best of all possible worlds!

Griffith ObservatoryThe Alcove is a dessert wonderland. So many cakes! All of them gigantic! We always try to save room for dessert. And then we eat dessert even if we didn’t save room. Or maybe that’s just me. This was Eric’s cake. Light and refreshing!

Griffith ObservatoryAnd here I am with my gargantuan slice of apple pie. After this, a brisk walk through the neighborhood and a browse through the bookstore was obligatory. All in all, a lovely Saturday. The loveliest.

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