Cookies and Cream

Cookies and CreamSometimes in life you get lucky. Eric and I were driving home from a neighboring town the other night, and I had expressed a distinct craving for ice cream. We were weighing our options when we drove right past this adorable store front. “Heeeey!” I said, “There’s a new ice cream place!” Eric parked the car, and we marched right in. It has only been open two weeks, so we can feel all smug and hipster-ish for finding it first. Ha! Do you see those beauties up there? You get to choose two cookies and your ice cream flavor. Mine are red velvet and lemon bar, and Eric’s are Jakarta and Vermont (the cookies all have adorable names too). That’s pistachio ice cream in the middle. Yum! Now, how much would you think all that deliciousness would cost you? I was prepared to pay something like $12 or so (this is California, after all), but it was $5. For both of them. $5! Cookies and Cream is my new favorite place.

Cookies and CreamThis is the sign that drew me in. I still cannot believe their crazy prices!

Cookies and CreamAll of the cookies are freshly baked, and they have little samples so you can try them all. I was totally impressed by their chipotle and green tea cookies.

Cookies and CreamThese are the ice cream flavors. Five stars to anyone who has pistachio, for it is the greatest ice cream known to mankind.

Cookies and CreamI saved the best part for last. Cookies and Cream is on Fair Oaks in South Pasadena, which used to be Route 66. The buildings are old and charming, and they have these little ledges above the doors. Cookies and Cream turned theirs into a teddy bear shelter! I think maybe I want to live here too. Cookies and ice cream, all the time. (Also! Thank you so much for your excitement/support of the new blog design. Eric is going to slay all the technological dragons over the weekend, so we should have it up early next week!)

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