Continued Adventures in Quilting: Laptop Case

Quilted Laptop CaseBlast the trumpets: I finally finished this quilted laptop case! And I love it! Quilting this little case was one of my June goals, but I say better late than never. We travel a fair bit, and I was filled with zeal to create something not only beautiful, but useful.

Quilted Laptop CaseThis is the third installment in my quilting adventures (I started with cards and coasters), and I am so happy with how comfortable I’m getting with it. Sewing in a straight line has never been my forte, but I am slowly beginning to develop the ability to watch my seam lines. Huzzah!

Quilted Laptop CaseI also had the hardest time picking out fabric for this project. I wandered and wandered and wandered some more through the fabric store, and I finally alighted upon these jewel tones with metallic dots. Bright and shiny. Just how I like it.

Quilted Laptop CaseI wouldn’t presume to give a tutorial here because I’m still such a beginner, but I can wholeheartedly recommend Denyse Schmidt’s fabulous book to you. It has been my quilting bible and the inspiration for all of my projects thus far. I can give you a little walk-through, though. The quilt starts with cutting and piecing. Slowly but surely, the strips come together. The back and front of the laptop case are identical.

Quilted Laptop CaseNext, the quilt sandwich is made: quilt top, batting, backing (or, in this case, inner lining). I chose this bright yellow striped fabric for a little play on texture. Finally, I sewed the two sandwiches together to form a case. Almost done!

Quilted Laptop CaseFinally, I carefully stitched the top edging closed and painstakingly stitched the velcro on. That last part was honestly the slowest! I realize it looks a little Bride of Chucky, but I don’t mind one bit. Yellow thread would have been more invisible, but I like the homemade touch.

Quilted Laptop CaseAnd that’s it! Finishing this project has been a huge confidence booster for me. It has tiny little mistakes here and there, but mostly it looks totally legit! It’s a little wide on the side, but that leaves room for my little travel charger. A bonus.

Quilted Laptop CaseIn any case, this is a huge improvement over what I have been using as a laptop case for the past handful of years: an old heating pad cover! The funny thing is that the tutorial in my quilting book is for…a heating pad cover. But I used it to make a laptop case. I believe I have now officially come full circle.

Quilted Laptop CaseAnd now, a little speculation about my next project. I think I am ready to move on to a full-blown quilt. Dare I try to make one for our bed? Reader, I am already envisioning it. I have been thinking about color schemes and patterns for the past few days, but I love these three fabrics so much that I’m totally tempted to just use them again. I will see if anything else speaks to me at the fabric store…but these are solid contenders, for sure. Feel free to weigh in in the comments! And thank you all so very much, you sweet people, for your kind comments about the new blog design and about all my crazy projects. Thank you for being here and for putting a smile on my face every single day. I think the words that say it best are probably echoing around a lot of sweet southern towns: I appreciate the heck out of you. I really do.

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