A Handful of Happy Things

New JournalThere are so many things that I want to write about, blog posts I have planned, and projects I am in the middle of, but I don’t want the little things that shape my days to slip through the cracks. I will be really excited when I can show you my finished laptop case (soooo close to being done!) and when we can unveil the new blog design later this week (yesss!), but I want to share the little things that make me smile along the way too. This is a new journal I made last week. Well, “made” may be a strong word. I buy little three-subject notebooks and then affix pretty pictures to the covers of them with packing tape. It’s always been a happy ritual to switch from one journal to the next one, and I love taking my time choosing the picture for the cover. These cowboy boots were the clear winner.

BorschtLast week my book club finished The Brothers Karamazov, and we had a Slavic feast. I had never had borscht with applewood smoked bacon and pickled beets before, but now that’s the only kind I want. YUM.

The SpreadThis was the rest of the spread at our lovely host’s home, minus the fresh peach pie and gingerbread. It was a delicious evening, and I am so glad I met these wonderful people. We are taking a break for the summer, but we will resume in October with another long and lugubrious novel. I can’t wait!

Happiest DinnerLast week Eric and I had dinner with Hillary and the girls, and we had such a beautiful time. There were dollhouses and chickens and maracas and miniature accordions! Need I say more? Dinner was pretty amazing too. Love love love every chance we get to hang out with them.

PeppersEric made harissa on Saturday, and now we have a whole jar full of spicy goodness. He laughed when he saw this picture and said that now his recipe has been immortalized for all eternity. Good thing, too.

Ocean's ElevenSaturday night we went to see an outdoor movie downtown: the original Ocean’s Eleven. We really enjoyed it, even if we still don’t know what “E-O Eleven” means, and now I am fixated on the idea of watching more Rat Pack movies.

JRAs we were sitting there under the stars, I decided it would be a great idea to get us a milkshake from the Johnny Rocket’s on the square. This was a very good idea indeed. Going in there was crazy nostalgic for me, since the one in Memphis used to be our high school hangout. My brother worked there for years, and I still remember him in his jaunty 50s hat.

CalendarAnd, finally, just to keep me honest, here’s my blog calendar for July. It’s getting kind of crowded down there at the bottom. And that makes me so, so happy.

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