A Few Little 50-Cent Home Makeovers

A Few Little MakeoversThank you all so much for your sweet comments on yesterday’s post! I really appreciated each and every one, and I was heartened to learn that so many of you went through a similar trajectory. We’ve got more adventures coming our way: Eric’s dad arrives today (woohoo!), and we’re heading back down to Palomar and San Diego for Big Fun, Round Two. Before we hit the road, here are a few little fun things I’ve been doing around the house lately. They really need to be prefaced by a little discussion of Michael’s. You know, the craft store. And wonderland of cheap fun things! I joke with my friend Hillary about its siren song, but it’s not really a joke after all. The siren song arrives via email and an app on my phone, and also the million times I drive by the store on a regular basis. They have baskets full of so-cheap-it’s-almost-free stuff right out front, to catch the eye of intrepid magpies like myself. Every now and again they have a big clearance, and I spend $10 and have way more than $10 worth of fun. I squealed with glee when I saw that these little owl clips were marked down to 50 cents (for a pack of 6). I had seen them before, but was unwilling to pay $1.99 or whatever other obviously exorbitant price was attached to them. Yay owls!

Refrigerator RoostI think we’ll use some of them for chip clips or to make a little line with hangers for various art projects in progress, but for now I turned a few into refrigerator magnets. You know those magnets that are (allegedly) supposed to keep your shower curtain liner from flying all over the place when you take a shower? I had some of those leftover from our ex-shower curtain liner (rest in peace), so I glued them onto the backs of the clips. Voila, insta-magnets!

Color!I also found these little treasures. 50 cents! There are some limitations to decorating while renting, but mostly they don’t bother me too much. I make up for not being able to paint by plastering the walls with all kinds of brightly colored things. I loved the color palette of these light switch covers, so I bought all of the ones they had. It cost me $4.

Chevron HappinessOn Sunday I went around the house replacing bland plastic things with happy chevrons. I am already in love with them. Tell me all about your cheap decorating triumphs too! There’s no such thing as too much inspiration.

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