Project Life, Weeks 35 and 36

Project LifeTraveling is one of my absolute favorite things to do (and the number one thing I save my money for!), but sometimes it’s so good to be home. Some projects, like this one, can’t really come on the road with you. We’ve been away so much this spring that I am really behind on Project Life, and I have been having so much fun going through all my pictures and getting pages together. Every morning when Eric leaves for work, he asks me what my plans are for the day. Sometimes I have to say something boring, like smog check or the grocery store, but most days I say, “Work! And play with all my toys!” It’s been fantastic to get back to both of them.

Project LifeI’ve been saving our barbecue accoutrements for months, and it was fun to use some of my Valentiney paper.

Project LifeI’ll never get over how beautiful this little spot on campus is. Makes me feel very Gatsby, as if by standing under it, a jeweled headpiece rests atop your hair.

Project LifeOur chocolate tart had to be immortalized, and I used a bit of roll-on white-out tape to create a writing surface here. Success!

Project LifeThis week was a really special one–Eric submitted the huge grant proposal he’d been spearheading for months, and we took a bit of time to celebrate.

Project LifeI brought home our napkin from the Ath and trimmed it down to fit here.

Project LifeI’m always telling Eric he should stay home from work and play with me, and I was ecstatic when he finally did!

Project LifeAnd, of course, our favorite champagne, the same one we popped when Eric filed his dissertation, and on numerous other happy occasions. We can’t come close to finishing a bottle by ourselves, but it’s worth the splurge. Plenty more memories coming soon–I think the book might explode, but I am so happy to have all of this down on paper, and in images.

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