June, Currently

June, CurrentlyPriming some wood canvases for painting.

Preparing to celebrate our anniversary this week. Crying already as I think about all the things I want to say to Eric on that special day.

Catching up on Project Life, One Little Word, and our Istanbul scrapbook. My craft table, it’s very crowded these days.

Looking forward to a little weekend getaway in Big Bear.

Enjoying being home, making messes, and having more project ideas than I do time.

Feeling so grateful for weekends–a chance to unwind and spend lots of quality time together. Mostly laughing.

Eating tons of fruit, gigantic leeks and huge bulbs of fennel, and making smoothies out of spinach and carrots and fruit and nuts and seeds. So far, pretty awesome.

Watching the new episodes of Arrested Development, and really loving some of them. Ron Howard has seriously outdone himself in terms of narrative structure, and it’s blowing my mind. Tarantino’s got nothing on this.

Reading a motley collection of books by Jesuits and Dostoevsky. Good stuff!

Listening to my Regina Spektor Pandora station like there’s no tomorrow. Sia, Tori Amos, Feist, Cat Power, Regina, repeat. It’s perfection for photo editing.

Hoping the tiny succulents we bought tonight do not meet an untimely death. So far I’m two for three.

Setting big, audacious goals for the second half of this year.

Marveling at all the gorgeous flowers in bloom and not yet wilted by summer heat.

Loving Eric, loving life.

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