Hand-Stitched Cards

Hand-Stitched CardsThank you all so much for your sweet comments yesterday about our anniversary! You are the best, and I so appreciate you sharing in our joy. We had a great day–I secretly bought a new dress and got my hair done, and we went out to dinner at a Thai place across the street from the hotel we stayed in two years ago, when we were looking for an apartment in Pasadena. For birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas, Eric and I like to make gifts for each other, but then we work so hard on them that we don’t get to spend any time with each other the week before! This year, I suggested that we just make cards for each other, and Eric agreed. His was totally adorable, and it totally made me cry. He is the greatest. Our anniversary and Father’s Day are always linked in my mind, since they come so close together, and now that these cards have been safely delivered to their recipients, I can show them to you. I honestly can’t remember where I got the idea to hand-stitch lettering on them, but it was really easy, and I love the way it looks.

Hand-Stitched CardsI traced out the lettering in pencil before getting started and just used a basic backstitch with two-ply embroidery thread on one of my cross-stitch needles. I stabbed myself a few times (okay, maybe twelve times), but the good thing about cross-stitch needles is that they are not at all sharp. And the other good thing is that eventually I learned to poke a tiny hold before pushing the whole needle through. Old dogs can learn new tricks!

Hand-Stitched CardsI kind of like the way it looks on the back too. I taped down the loose threads to keep the stitches from popping out.

Hand-Stitched CardsI put these checkerboard washi tapes on the top and bottom because they remind me of racing flags, and my dad loves cars.

Hand-Stitched CardsI made this one for Eric’s dad, and I doubled up on the stitches because it’s a shorter word. I love the look of it.

Hand-Stitched CardsIt was so cool to see the letters come together. That is probably my favorite thing about embroidery!

Hand-Stitched CardsAnd similar fun on the backside. Eric and I are so grateful for our wonderful dads, and we were sorry to be away from them, but glad that they’re always just a phone call away. Hope you all had a fantastic Father’s Day too!

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