Early Summer

Early SummerI think we’re in the sweet spot. It’s not yet 100 degrees, so it’s sweet to me. These nights when we can fall asleep to the gentle lull of the fan, as opposed to the mighty blast of the air conditioning, are special ones. Everything is still in glorious bloom too, which makes for some pretty afternoon walks. This huge bougainvillea bush is right outside our apartment, towering over millions of tiny star of jasmine blossoms. A beautiful marriage. Pardon my slightly deranged smile. I was just way excited to be outside after a week of being sick.

Early SummerLook at this gorgeous, gorgeous agave. I know, it looks like a painting. I am totally going to paint it.

Early SummerThere is more bounty than my eyes can take in. For that, I love this time of year so intensely.

Early SummerThe jacarandas are in bloom all over Pasadena, dropping soft purple rain on our sidewalks. I am in love with it.

Early SummerThere are lots and lots of reasons to smile.

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