The Earl Grey Experiment

Earl GreyIt’s no secret that I love Earl Grey. It seriously brightens my every afternoon, and the ritual of putting on the kettle and measuring out the leaves makes me feel like I am doing a tiny nice thing for myself. I always always appreciate it. I have known for a long time that the citrus aroma of Earl Grey comes from bergamot, or specifically, from the super concentrated oil of bergamot. But imagine my glee when I found bergamots in stock at Berkeley Bowl last month! I could make my own Earl Grey! And I even found this super handy little guide to the process.

Earl GreyHere is my bergamot, ready to be peeled.

Earl GreyAnd here are its beauteous peels, filling my kitchen with a peppery citrus scent and waiting to be dried.

Earl GreyI just left them out in the kitchen for a day or so, and they were ready to go.

Earl GreyI broke them into small pieces and added to them to some very neutral black tea. That’s all!

Earl GreyI brewed some this afternoon as a test drive, and…it needs more bergamot! I should have bought three or four of them, but alas, hindsight is 20/20. I am sure the oil is more concentrated than the peels, so I’ll add some more next time. Or I’ll use my secret weapon: I juiced the bergamot, so I can always add that secret sauce. For now, I am grateful that I can leave it to the professionals, since I definitely haven’t mastered this art, but this was still a really fun project!

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