Tales from Sickland

Color TherapyUgh. Still in the thick of it over here. But there’s a good handful of things that are making me smile. I took the picture above, featuring a handful of my most prized plastic baubles, to cheer myself last time I was sick. Color therapy!

Here’s what I’ve been doing, not that it’s really very interesting:
*Reading The Brothers Karamazov. This is oddly very soothing, as I had forgotten how funny Dostoevsky is. People never seem to believe me when I say that, but it’s true.
*Watching this new National Geographic documentary series on a polygamist community in Utah. Interesting stuff, and really well done.
*Working a little, from bed, because it makes me feel like I’m part of the goings-on of the non-sick world.
*Drinking at least five cups of tea a day. It’s the only thing that helps.
*Making and eating my favorite sick-time spicy soup. I burned the onions a little bit, but ha, I can’t taste it anyway!
*Having text conversations like this one with Eric:
Me: Can you make me laugh?
(five-second interlude)
Eric: Sometimes.
Bwahaha! Nothing makes me laugh like meta-jokes.
*Writing the world’s most random blog posts. Back to regularly scheduled programming soon!

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