Project Life, Weeks 33 and 34

Project LifeThe thing about traveling is…you can’t really take all your Project Life stuff with you. This isn’t exactly a bad thing–in fact, I count it as a good thing, since I’m always so happy to get back to it after being away. I’m about to order a new gigantic batch of photos, and that’s always a happy thing. But for today, we’re taking a trip back in time. To February!

Project LifeI somehow ordered one of the wrong pictures for this week, but I like that that’s part of the layout too. Why not get meta?

Project LifeThis week I really got into the groove of working on my book at the library. It was awesome.

Project LifeI added a tape border here and played a little with writing alongside the paper pattern. I love this picture of Eric. The sweetest.

Project LifeAnd here we have the fateful whoops.

Project LifeThis book, it’s the greatest.

Project LifeThis week was full of fun and silliness.

Project LifeExhibit A.

Project LifeExhibit B.

Project LifeAnd Exhibit C! I totally had to beg them to play hip hop at this dance, but no matter! We had a cheesy blast. And there was a chocolate fountain. I rest my case!

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