DIY Gatsby-Inspired Statement Necklace

DIY Statement NecklaceYears and years ago, I bought some loose beads and findings from the Depot, and I finally made a necklace with them! I knew I wanted to use a red and black color scheme, and I love how it came out.

DIY Statement NecklaceThis is what it looked like before: sad and broken, but with lots of potential.

DIY Statement NecklaceThe beads are plastic, but they’re shiny, so they make the cut for Cameron bling.

DIY Statement NecklaceBut these little guys are actually my favorite. They look so elegant and 20s, and they make it so easy to work with multiple strands.

DIY Statement NecklaceI wanted to use ribbon for the top, and I had just enough to pull it off.

DIY Statement NecklaceEven though I’m a novice at jewelry-making, this necklace was super easy to put together, and I’m so happy to have given new life to an old strand of beads. And now, if anyone wants to invite me to a Gatsby party, I am ready to go!

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