Continued Adventures in Quilting: Coasters

Quilted CoastersI am slowly working my way up the quilting totem pole. I am getting a good feel for piecing blocks together, and now I have entered batting territory. Exciting times! My first fully quilted project was a set of coasters. I made them for my mom for Mother’s Day, and now that she’s gotten them in the mail, I can show them to you.

Quilted CoastersThey are totally imperfect, mostly because I can’t be bothered with excessive measuring and am still mastering the art of sewing in a straight line, but if you can’t send imperfect coasters to your mom, who can you send them to? She’s the one who taught me that imperfections only add character!

Quilted CoastersI learned a lot from this process, and I think my coasters got progressively better. This was the first one. Sewing troubles! But I also learned a lot about the layout of my stitches.

Quilted CoastersThis was the second one, in which I experimented with freeform quilting and learned a valuable edging lesson.

Quilted CoastersOn the third one, I went back to angular stitches and played with some of the decorative stitches my machine will do. Fun! This one might be my favorite.

Quilted CoastersAnd I went back to freeform circles on my last one. I made one of these a night, and I showed Eric each one after I finished it. He loved them all, but that’s probably because he is the sweetest.

Quilted CoastersThis was a really fun and totally approachable project for a beginning quilter. Now we move boldly forward to…a laptop case! I’m really excited for that one. And, a small programming note: Thank you all so much for your sweet comments over the past few days! I am woefully behind on responding to your wonderful kindness, but I am plotting a catch-up session and super looking forward to it.

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