Adventures in Cleveland

West Side MarketHurray, a blog post not about tea and tissues! They are still very much a part of my life, but I feel good enough to venture into new territory. I have some fun Oberlin posts coming, but we just got a scanner, so I want to wait until I can scan some old college pics for extra fun. While we were in Ohio, Eric and I also had a bit of time to spend in some cool Cleveland neighborhoods. This is the West Side Market, glorious place full of deliciousness.

West Side MarketWe haven’t seen such beautiful meat…maybe ever, and this pasta was very tempting too.

West Side MarketAlso, I very much appreciated the comfort station. A 1912 classic.

Ohio CityThe market is in the historic neighborhood of Ohio City, where we wandered around a bit in the cold. It was freezing, but it was such a welcome relief from the SoCal heat.

Literary ProfessorIn the afternoon we headed over to Tremont, where I found myself standing right at the corner of Literary and Professor. Too good to be true.

Bike!And then we found this old school bike sculpture, and I talked Eric into climbing on up onto it. He’s the best.

Christmas Story houseAnd finally, we popped over to the Christmas Story house. You’ll shoot your eye out!

ClevelandThe whole weekend was so weird and wonderful from the moment we stepped off the plane. I kept surprising myself with the things I did and didn’t remember, but there were some things that were so simple and ubiquitous that it was hard to put into words. I finally figured out, for instance, that it was the low curbs and high streetlights that made the streets feel so wide to me, and the little awnings on all the houses that struck a chord with my memory. I had no recollection of the airport at all, but I did remember the way to turn to get to Oberlin from there. These memories, the ones that live deep inside our minds, asking nothing of us but turning right up when they are needed, delight me to no end. More to come soon.

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