A Verb For Keeping Warm

A Verb for Keeping WarmA few months after we moved away from Berkeley Eric read a little blurb about a new yarn and fabric store there and sent it my way. I was so sorry I’d missed it! My mom had heard it talked up at her knitting club in Memphis too, so we had to make a visit. The store is called, charmingly, A Verb for Keeping Warm.

A Verb for Keeping WarmThey do an amazing range of their own work there–they spin wool, they dye fabrics, and they dye all of their yarns right out back. Awesome. That’s my mom, checking everything out.

A Verb for Keeping WarmThey also have a wide selection of quilting fabrics (squee!), and they have classes for just about everything: dyeing, felting, knitting, sewing, weaving, quilting, spinning. It’s a little paradise. If you are in the Bay area, you should definitely check it out!

A Verb for Keeping WarmI think it’s so much fun to go to local art and craft stores when I’m traveling, and this is one I’ll definitely go back to. Ah, those quilt squares. They are the stuff of dreams!

A Verb for Keeping WarmAnd if you need any further convincing…this is their next-door neighbor!

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