A Handful of Happy Things

JacarandaThese past few weeks have been really sweet. We’re oscillating between extreme heat and cool, breezy days, and I am appreciating them both. Mostly, I am just so happy to see everything in bloom. The jacarandas are filling the sky with their bright purple flowers. Gorgeous.

The AthLast week we unexpectedly got to have dinner with our awesome friend Kevin from Berkeley. We took him to the Ath, and much lobster was had by all. This is the chandelier in their outdoor dining room. It makes one feel downright glamorous, no?

40-Year CalendarThis week we got have dinner with our sweet friend Vasudha. I took her visit as an excuse to make my most favorite vegetable tart. And also chocolate peanut butter ice cream: success! It was a wonderful evening, and I sure wish we lived closer. Vasudha gave us this beautiful and totally rad 40-year calendar. Awesome!

Tea, Glorious Tea!I realize all these shots of my books and my tea are probably getting repetitive, but I am just so grateful for every day that I get to spend doing something I love. And the tea is an added bonus. This book has been tremendously helpful. Eric thinks I should put together a post about the books that have been most helpful re: publishing and writing. Would y’all like that? I aim to please! (Also, weird deja vu…have I asked this before? Or is it just that Eric and I keep talking about it?)

LibraryWhen I’m not at home or at Peet’s, I work in the campus libraries. I have a pretty view.

HappinessThe extra bonus of all of this is that I get to see Eric a lot more during the day.

Turtle PondAnd visit the turtle pond!

For OliverIn other work-related news, Eric’s office-mate and his wife just had a baby, so I got to pick out some cute things for him. Adorable!

Sun ShadeOn the hot days we are super grateful for this custom sun shade my dad gave us for Christmas. It has some kind of magic technology that seriously keeps the car cooler. Thumbs up! Thanks, Dad!

TacosI’ve been mimicking the weather with my cooking. I put so many red pepper flakes and chipotle peppers in these swiss chard tacos that it actually made Eric cough just to be in the kitchen. Rawr!

Frukty!Thankfully, we’ve got plenty of cherries and strawberries to cool us off. Thanks, early summer!

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