Spring in Red and Teal

Red and TealThings I did this weekend: Watched two beautiful people commit their lives to each other. Witnessed a father singing to his daughter while dancing with her at her wedding reception, tears streaming down my face. Held Eric’s hand really tight and told him one hundred times how much I love him. Partied down with dear, dear friends. Befriended every adorable two-year-old I could find. Wandered through the most amazingly huge art studio I’ve ever seen. Ate a gigantic almond waffle at a train-themed diner. Drove through a decent chunk of California, from the southern desert to the central valley, over the rolling hills to the ocean. Sipped local brew while catching up with Eric’s wonderful colleagues from Berkeley. Enjoyed. Every. Minute. Of. It. I am definitely going to tell you all about it. But for now, here are some spring shots we took before we left town. It was a gloriously cool night, and it felt decadent to take a stroll in the evening breeze. (Bonus nerdery: do you see the molecule patterns in the fence?)

Red and TealI bought this dress ages ago for a trip to Eastern Europe. It looked like it would roll up easily, and it would double as a bathing suit cover-up. Win-win! The fabric is actually really soft and comfortable, in thin little layers adding up to an opaque whole, and it always makes me feel like I’m on vacation.

Red and TealThis cotton sweater vest is a Bargain Barn find, and I adore it. Pasadena is a perfect climate for it because you might not exactly need a sweater, but a sort of half-sweater is often just the ticket. I love the big bulky buttons too.

Red and TealThis gorgeous necklace was a gift from Eric’s mom (she is the best!), and I have worn it almost every day since she sent it to me. I love the colors! Better still, it’s from an organization called Rahab’s Rope, which works to end human trafficking. So beautiful.

Red and TealThe yellow bracelet is my all-time favorite bead loom bracelet, and the fuchsia one was a gift from my undergraduate adviser. He bought it for me in Iceland and gave it to me right after I defended my honors thesis. It’s actually made of dyed fish scales (which was an awesome reference to my first chapter!), and I remember that triumphant moment every time I wear it.

Red and TealExtra spring bonus: the jasmine is in bloom!

Red and TealAnd so are these pink beauties.

Red and TealI hope you are all getting a healthy dose of spring too, wherever you may find yourself.

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