Shopping in Berkeley

The DepotI think we should canonize a new law of physics. It will go like this: a body in motion will not realize how tired it is until it stops being in motion. And then it will say, “Hey, wow, I am really tired!” I am really tired, but in the best possible way. Eric and I had such an incredible weekend in Berkeley/Oakland. The weather smiled upon us, and it was nothing but warm sunshine. I never imagined I’d need a short-sleeved shirt. The whole weekend was, I must say, nothing short of luminous. And now we must unpack! I was looking through my pictures and trying to decide what to write about first, and I realized that we did an awful lot of shopping, so I thought I’d catalogue my exploits! One of our first stops was the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse, which I have written about quite effusively already. It’s one of my favorite places in the world, and now they have these pretty new murals.

The DepotYou never know what you’re going to find there, but it’s always something interesting.

The DepotPerhaps a guide to orthography and punctuation for employees of the press? It might come in handy.

The DepotMore pretty murals!

The DepotAnd more Turkish coffee pots than you can shake a stick at.

The MeadowsThe next day we wandered up and down College Avenue and stopped to gawk at The Meadows. I wanted to buy all of these gorgeous flowers. They are so magnificent. One evening a few years ago, Eric and I were walking past this shop as it was closing. We were at the end of the block when one of the employees came running after Eric with a bouquet of white roses to give me. So very sweet.

Discount FabricOne of our next stops was a discount fabric shop. So many gloriously bright colors! A lot of the fabrics were for upholstery, so we mostly just took a stroll around, but it was big fun. I don’t even know how many fabric shops Eric has been to with me. Best husband ever.

Art StoreThen we headed over to the best art store I’ve ever seen. I love spending time there and looking through their amazing selection. I bought supplies for oil painting (eeee!), and it was kind of hilarious/crazy how much stuff oil painting requires. Still, exciting!

Berkeley BowlAnd, of course, no trip to the Bay area would be complete without a trip to Berkeley Bowl. It is the best grocery store on earth, and we see things we’ve never heard of every time we go. Also, it is astoundingly affordable. A perfect combination for people who like to eat. That would be us!

Berkeley BowlSo many square feet of awesome, just pure awesome.

Berkeley BowlThis time we bought a bergamot (!!), and an etrog citron, pictured here with a very excited shopper.

Berkeley BowlEric wanted to record for posterity that, yes, lettuce costs far less than a dollar here. Amazing! There is so much more I want to share from our trip (unless you are all totally tired of hearing about it!), and I have all kinds of projects up my sleeve too. It’s going to be a fun couple of weeks around here–thanks so much for being part of it!

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