Sequins and Sparkle

Sequin Collar DIYI have slowly been working on the tiniest little DIY: adding a sequin collar to an old sweater. Despite my turtle’s pace, it was really the easiest thing imaginable. I bought a little spool of threaded sequins for a dollar or two, cut a good length, and stitched it on, thus rescuing a sweater that would otherwise have been headed for the donation pile.

Sequin Collar DIYHere is said spool in action.

Sequin Collar DIYIt adds just a little bit of interest to a sweater from Old Navy’s clearance rack approximately…ten years ago. I am patting myself on the back for all the mileage I’m getting out of it. When I get tired of it, maybe I’ll make a cut down the middle and turn it into a cardigan. I always need more of those!

Sequin Collar DIYAnd, of course, I paired my new sweater with my most gigantic earrings! These are fairly new (ie, from my after-Christmas clearance shopping extravaganza), and they are, happily, nowhere near as heavy as they look.

Sequin Collar DIYThese purple jeans are new too– a thrift store find! These Nine West heels, believe it or not, came from the giveaway pile in Eric’s old apartment. I am beginning to realize that this whole outfit cost next to nothing. Should I start putting in little charts of where things came from and how much they cost? Or would that be boring? I aim to please!

Sequin Collar DIYThis mustard bag was a thrifted gift from my mom (by which I mean I asked her to buy it for me when we were out thrifting. Mom thrifting trips are the best! And not just for all the swag–a good bargain-hunting partner is essential!) She also got me this awesome bracelet in Amsterdam. (See, she is the best!) The scarf is a special one–I bought it in Sarajevo so I could visit the mosques with my sweet friend Kendra. If I dig for a minute, I might be able to find a picture of me wearing it there…

SarajevoOh, little sunburned me, traipsing all over Eastern Europe and drinking endless cups of tea. It’s nice to see you again.

Sequin Collar DIYBut present me, writing and making and sewing and beading and baking all the livelong day, I like you an awful lot too.

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