Project Life, Weeks 31 and 32

Project LifeFinally, I am getting back to Project Life! I was thinking today, though, about the odd lack of pressure I feel about it. It takes a week for the pictures I order to come in the mail, so I am always, at minimum, a week behind, but it never seems to bother me. When I think about it, I just feel happy about the time I spend working on it and the book I’m creating for our family. We’ll be flipping through these pages for years to come, so it doesn’t matter much to me whether I’m working on February pages in March or in May. The point is that they’re getting done. It’s a good place to be, and I’m so glad that that’s where I’m finding myself. I don’t think this project would be very much fun if it felt like a big obligation. So, hurray for being a day late, but never a dollar short!

Project LifeOn this page I was happy to use some rub-ons and striped tape, which I often forget I have. I like it as the side border.

Project LifeThis adorable elevator needed to be memorialized.

Project LifeAs did Eric’s new computer! How many Apple products can we fit in one room? This is a suggestion for a parlor game at your next soiree.

Project LifeI don’t often put pictures from style shoots in this album, but I like adding them because doing them has been a fun joint project for us. Those little hearts were made with an old school puncher I found at the Depot in Oakland last week. *Fun*.

Project LifeEvery now and again I like to use darker papers for journaling and splash them up with my silver pen. I am a magpie, after all.

Project LifeThis week took us on a sunny afternoon walk and to the movies for the latest installment in our favorite series. Good times.

Project LifeAn eye shadow palette is totally scrapbook-worthy, yes? YES. I am heading to San Francisco today (yay!) for a week of fun with my parents, so it’ll probably be another little while before I get back to PL. But in the meantime, my album is in a hilarious semi-exploded state, and I love it. Looking forward to having my dad help me design a missing piece to hold it all together. Science!

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