Point Lobos

Point LobosAnother tardy post! What can I say, falling asleep with my glasses on is becoming something of a habit. In addition to all the excitement of exploring Monterey, yesterday Eric and I decided to make the short drive up to Berkeley for the weekend, and I would say that passing out from sheer joy is a distinct possibility! I told Eric I was *almost* as excited as when he asked me to marry him–we love and miss the Bay area, and all our dear friends there, so much! So, I am in full dream-life vacation mode now. (And I am totally behind on comments, sorry about that!) In addition to all this impending happiness, yesterday was pretty awesome too. Our wonderful friends Steve and Shane came down to Monterey to see us, and we all went down to Point Lobos in Carmel together.

Point LobosPoint Lobos is one of my favorite places on earth. It is just so shockingly beautiful.

Point LobosAnd it’s a special place for us. Eric and I came here together in May 2011 when we were in town for my brother’s wedding. We ambled in on a whim, having no idea it would be so gorgeous. It was a really luminous and happy day, just a month before we got married. Revisiting this place, almost two years later, we marveled at all we’ve shared in the time that has passed, at the fact that we love each other even more deeply now than we did then.

Point LobosIt struck me yesterday how much seeing this kind of beauty is like being in a museum: I found myself thinking, “Stop. Look. Take this all in.” There was so much green, so many gorgeous shades of blue, such sweet scents of pine and wild sage.

Point LobosPeeking through every gap in the trees, nothing but blue, blue, blue.

Point LobosI could have stayed there all day, and although I’d prepared for enough cold and wind to blow me right into the ocean, it was incredibly warm and sunny. What a gift.

Point LobosThis is the kind of place you keep coming back to, and you see something new every time. I hope we’ll return in two more years, and remember this day with a smile.

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