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2013 April

Project Life, Weeks 29 and 30

Project LifeNow that I’ve done a bit of surgery on my album (extension posts and foam pads to the rescue!), I think I can fit the rest of this year into one album, and that makes me happy. It’s going to be maybe the fattest scrapbook ever, but there should be accolades for such things as that, don’t you think? Anyhow, I am now reliving our adventures of January and looking forward to being all caught up.

Project LifeThis week captures our last night in Memphis, and our unpacking extravaganza when we got back. Love that picture of my brother in his new glasses.

Project LifeEric makes the funniest faces when I sneak up on him with my camera!

Project LifeAlso, I had to show off this stamp I found on clearance. I am thinking about making Eric his own personal stationery with it.

Project LifeI’m super happy I have a shot of a dinner we shared at Eric’s office while he was working on a poster for a conference. It ended up being a fun mini-date!

Project LifeThis week involved several hilarious undertakings: throwing away our Christmas tree and going on the most epic fail date ever. Plenty to laugh about!

Project LifeHere I am being ridiculous in my lumberjack shirt.

Project LifeI saved Eric’s stuff from the conference to add here, and included a shot of our church decorated for Christmas. Too bad that screen is in the way, but it’s beautiful all the same. We really love our parish, and going to mass every Sunday evening is something we really enjoy sharing with each other.

Project LifeThe story of our fail date night is basically that we couldn’t get a parking spot or a table at any restaurant. We were so hungry! Here we are, finally, eating some bad pizza and being grateful to have something to eat after all our wandering. It was not at all anything to write home about, but it’s the stuff of everyday life that I don’t want to be forgotten amid the fireworks of anniversary dinners and weekend trips.

Project LifeMy brother works for a really amazing landscape architecture firm in New York, and he unexpectedly sent us a calendar with pictures of some of their projects. So cool! We don’t get to see him nearly enough, so I’m especially happy to have him here.

April 2013 Goals

April 2013 GoalsApril is going to be a bit of a weird month. But weird in the best possible way. I will be out of town for two weeks out of four, so I’m going easy on the goals and aiming for a lot of enjoyment of the things I’m going to be doing.

Eric and I are going to some dear friends’ wedding this weekend, and then we’ll be in Monterey for a week for a conference. I am going to get to see my friends Steve and Kendra (yay!), and I plan on doing some exploring while Eric is at the conference during the day. But I also want to spend some time working on my book proposal, now that the book itself is almost finished (eee!) Agents and editors, here we come.

Since we’re traveling by car, it will be gloriously easy to bring my cross-stitch and my knitting. Hurray! I love the design I’m working on embroidering now, and I would really like to finish the blanket I’m working on and knit up a bunch more preemie hats.

Whether I’ll be here or there, I really want to savor spring. It won’t be too long before it’s too hot to do much outside, but these sweet days of cool breezes and floral fragrance are to die for.

My other trip this month is up to San Francisco to meet my parents for a week of fun! There is so much I want to do, and so many people I want to see! It makes my head spin. I haven’t been back in over a year, so there is going to be a lot of eating, a lot of shopping, a lot of appreciating the outrageous range of spring flowers that grow in a rainy climate.

We are also going to eat at Terra in Napa, where Steve is chef de cuisine! I am super excited for this one!

And, as always, there will be tons and tons of pictures.

Update, May 2013: Well, April, you were a lot of fun. Eric and I had a blast in Fresno at our friends’ wedding, followed by a great trip to Monterey, followed by an even more awesome impromptu trip to Berkeley! I took my cross-stitch with me and worked on it along the way. One little project is underway, and I have plans for a few more. I hardly did any knitting in April at all, but I think I will come back to it. I always miss it after I’ve been away for a while. Spring was definitely savored (and the Bay area was so unexpectedly warm on both trips that I had to buy extra short-sleeve shirts! I am so not complaining, but it’s becoming comical how off my aim is in packing for the weather!) Just being with my parents would make even a trip to the garbage dump exhilarating, but we truly had just a beautiful time. A big part of that was getting to have dinner at Terra, where my amazing friend Steve is the chef. I have never had a meal like that one, and it wasn’t just the food–it was the love. My mom and I wrote down all nine or ten courses of the meal right away so we wouldn’t forget them. It was one for the ages! Picasa tells me I took 519 pictures in April. 519 happy little reminders of this wonderful month. Hope yours was great too!

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