La Bicyclette

La BicycletteLa Bicyclette is an adorable French bistro in Carmel with a wood-fired oven, and it came very highly recommended by my BFF, so I knew we couldn’t pass it up. Carmel itself is a wonderfully beautiful place to wander around, and…

La BicycletteI knew Eric would feel right at home anywhere with bikes as decor!

La BicycletteHere’s a somewhat blurry shot of their oven. They bake all their bread in it too, so you can just imagine how heavenly it smelled.

La BicycletteAnd a chalkboard boasting delicious desserts! I love the copper pots too. (I asked Eric how embarrassed he would be on a scale of 1 to 10 if I took this picture. He said only a 3, depending on my level of discretion. So I was extra discreet!)

La BicycletteEric and I decided to have pizza: local mushroom for me…

La BicycletteAnd lamb sausage with mint for him. Both were succulent and so satisfying.

La BicycletteBecause I had spent a good four hours walking all over Monterey, I really had my heart set on coffee, even if it was decaf. I ordered a cappuccino, and it came on this lovely tray. I used to drink them all the time, but for some reason I don’t seem to have them much anymore. Thus, they are a special frothy treat.

La BicycletteAnd, of course, I had my heart set on dessert too. We ordered a crock (!) of chocolate mousse and probably should not have eaten it all, but we did. I have no regrets! As we were finishing up dessert, a couple sitting next to us asked us what we were in town for. I told them that my husband was at a conference for high-energy astrophysics, while my PhD in Russian literature and I were just tagging along for fun. He laughed and said, “What, you couldn’t get into business school?” They were delightfully kind and funny, and were celebrating their 40th anniversary. I look forward to doing the same, thirty-eight years from now, and every year along the way.

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