Further Adventures in Quilting

Paper QuiltingOne of the first little projects suggested by my quilting book is quilting on paper. It gives you a bit of experience with top-stitching, even if you’re not ready to graduate to batting yet. It just so happens that I had a handful of cards to send last week, and now that they’ve all been safely delivered, I can share them with you!

Paper QuiltingI made this one for my Besfrinn’s sweet baby girl for her first birthday. Lots of bright and sunny spring colors, and then, because I couldn’t resist, a big button flower in the corner. As you can see, there are a few fabric bunches and some seriously not-straight lines on the sides. Good thing one-year-olds don’t care!

Paper QuiltingI made this card for my Besfrinn because it was her birthday too–her Mommy birthday!

Paper QuiltingThese lines are cut more straight: hurray! But I forgot to trim the selvage. Ah well, I can’t win ’em all.

Paper QuiltingThis one was an Easter card for Eric’s parents. Look, no bunching! I played around with some stitch-work on this one, and it was super fun. My only regret is that I didn’t include some of the patterned stitches that are programmed into my machine, but free-handing was pretty cool too.

Paper QuiltingThis one needed stickers too! All in all, I call this project a success. Mostly because it was fun. I have always wanted to do more stitching on my Project Life pages, so maybe this will give me the impetus I need!

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