Fun in Fresno

Fun in FresnoHello! I’m sorry this post is going up late, but the reason is at least slightly laughter-inducing. I always write my posts in the evening and schedule them to publish in the middle of the night (you know, so my mom can read them super early on Central time). But yesterday I wandered all over Monterey and got gloriously wind-blown (and loved every, every second of it), which seems to have made me rather tired. We had a really fun dinner with Eric’s *wonderful* colleagues, and then I took a totally luxurious bubble bath, got in bed to read a bit, and…fell asleep with my glasses on. For hours. And thus I decided it would be better to write this post in the morning, when I might have a few more synapses firing. So, here goes!

Fun in FresnoWe left Friday evening from Pasadena, and we pulled up to the hotel around 10:30, only to find dear friends in the lobby! We invited them up to our “suite” to catch up, and I instructed them to gesticulate wildly for this picture. They obliged!

Fun in FresnoThe next morning we went to a train-themed diner hand-picked by our friend Chris. I had a gigantic almond waffle and biscuits with sawmill gravy. Carb heaven! It was a really wonderful place, and everyone was so friendly. Also, trains!

Fun in FresnoThese are the smiles of people who know they have biscuits coming their way.

Fun in FresnoAfter breakfast we made an obligatory coffee run and found ourselves next door to this gorgeous old Caltrans building. 60s California!

Fun in FresnoThe wedding could not have been sweeter. I cried so very many times. To see two such beautiful people, who are the epitome of kindness and goodness and love, join their lives together–well, it was overwhelmingly moving. Just look at them!

Fun in FresnoBut maybe the best part was actually the morning after the wedding. The bride’s family had invited everyone to come to her grandfather’s art studio for brunch. It was great to see everyone one last time, and the studio was just amazing–a gigantic warehouse featuring the work of tons of local artists. The bride’s grandfather, Chris Sorensen, works almost entirely with salvaged materials, and the range of his work is seriously impressive.

Fun in FresnoI would love to spend an afternoon or twelve in here.

Fun in FresnoThis giant rabbit is made entirely of coat hangers. Awesome.

Fun in FresnoPaint can lids. Just beautiful.

Fun in FresnoSome of my favorite pieces were these bright geometric paintings. Right up my alley!

Fun in FresnoGlass-blowing studio!

Fun in FresnoAnd all of these fantastic, fantastic people. I miss them already!

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